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By Modern Guide to Breastfeeding

Modern Guide to Breastfeeding originated with the mission to inform and empower more families to reach their breastfeeding goals. We aim to offer live in-person and virtual classes, as well as on-demand online courses to meet modern families on their timeline.

Founder of Modern Guide to Breastfeeding, Sara Grey, instructing an in person class.

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Olivia H.

"The breastfeeding course I took through the hospital didn't even touch on pumping. Sara gave me the tools I needed to transition back into work."

Giovana S.

"We learned so much, I thought I knew things and it turns out I didn’t even know half of it!"

Hayley P.

"I appreciated [Sara] sharing [her] personal experiences and making it more personalized than just purely sharing facts and stats...It was nice to hear from an experienced mom! "
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